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Single row angular touch ball bearing


1. Single row angular touch Ball Bearing single row angular touch ball bearings have the following layout methods:
(1) Do not leave the angular touch ball bearing This bearing code is S70000; its outer ring raceway side has no lock; can be separated from the inner ring, the support frame, the ball assembly; therefore, it can be separated from the equipment. Miniature bearings less than 10mm; used in gyro-rotor, micro-motors, etc., which have high requirements for dynamic balance, noise, oscillation and stability.
(2) Non-detachable angular touch ball bearings The ferrule channel of such bearings has a lock; therefore, the two sets of rings cannot be separated. According to the touch angle, there are three types:
1 touch angle α=40°; suitable for accepting large axial loads,
2 touch angle α=25°; mostly used for fine spindle bearings,
3 touch angle α = 15 °; mostly used for larger scale fine bearings.
(3) Paired angular contact ball bearings are equipped with angular contact ball bearings for receiving radial loads and axial loads together; they can also accept pure radial loads and axial loads in either direction. The bearings are made by the manufacturer according to the certain preload requirements; the combination is matched and paired; it is provided to the user for use. When the bearing equipment is fastened on the machine; the clearance in the bearing is completely eliminated; and the ferrule and the ball are at Preload condition; thus improving the rigidity of the combined bearing.
There are three different types of equipment for angular contact ball bearings in pairs:

1 back-to-back equipment; the rear code is DB (such as 70,000/DB); this kind of equipment is better in steel; it has good function of accepting overturning moment; the bearing can accept two-way axial load.

2 face-to-face equipment; the rear code is DF (such as 70,000/DF); the rigidity of this equipment and the ability to accept the overturning moment are not as good as the DB equipment method; the bearing can accept two-way axial load,

3 series equipment; rear code is DT (such as 70,000 / DT); this equipment can also be connected in series with three or more bearings at the same bearing; but can only accept axial load in one direction. Usually; for balance and restraint The axial displacement of the shaft; the other bearing requires the bearing to receive the axial load in the other direction.

In addition, there is a single-row angular touch ball bearing that can be easily paired. This type of bearing is specially machined; it can be combined in two back-to-back, two face-to-face or two series connection; the axial clearance of the paired combination can be selected according to requirements. The post-code CA indicates that the axial void is more moderate than the CB, and the axial void is moderate.

All-round matched bearings; can also be equipped with pre-interference bearing according to the application requirements; and later coded GA, GB, GC indicate that .GA indicates a small pre-interference after pairing, GB indicates that there is a medium pre-match after pairing Ying, GC indicates that there is a large pre-interference after pairing.

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